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The S.E.E.D. Home receives the GOLD EVHA award!

I am honored, humbled, proud and excited to have received the GOLD 2012 Energy Value Home Awards  ( EVHA) New Home/ Hot Climate Award last week at the NAHB Research Council Energy Value Home Award ceremonies this past Wednesday in Orlando, Florida  during the NAHB International Builder Show.

Unexpectedly, I also won an IPAD at the BASF booth after playing their construction related ‘jeopardy game’. They gave one away at the end of each day of the event. I happened to be walking by about 4:30pm on Wednesday and was corralled into the challenge booth to play the last game of the day against two others. The highest score for the day had been 14 out of 18. I answered 16 correctly and therefore was awarded the coool prize of an IPAD!!!

Anyway, I made quite a few important contacts and hope that they will help the S.E.E.D. Home to sprout and blossom in the near future.

Many of the events at the International Builder Show can be seen online at the IBS Show


Local news covers EVHA award

When one of our local news stations, KGUN 9 (who had done a story on The S.E.E.D. Home during construction) found out it was receiving the EVHA award they called and asked to do another story.  I was interviewed about a week ago by  reporter Stephani Ruiz.  This morning she did two live broadcasts outside of the house, incorporating the earlier interview.  If you’d like to see the story and video click  here.  I don’t know if this is a permalink, so I don’t know if it will always work.

EVHA Award

I am honored and excited to be receiving a coveted energy efficiency award from the National Association of Home Builders Research Council (NAHBRC), the Energy Value Home Award (EVHA) during the International Builder Show next week in Orlando, Florida.

The NAHBRC, for the last 17 years, has been honoring and awarding those individuals (or company) in the home building industry who have, of their own volition and desire gone above and beyond the norm with regard to advancing energy efficiency in new home construction.

This award although being received by me, is most assuredly about The S.E.E.D. Home and the breakthrough accomplishments it has achieved since being ‘planted’ at its building site here in the desert southwest of Tucson, AZ.

Since being ‘planted’ last April, 2011 when final inspection was obtained from the City of Tucson Development Services, real-time data (through imbedded sensors) has been flowing to Davis Energy Group-lead team member of ARBI (Alliance for Residential Building Innovation) one of the fifteen Team Members affiliated with Department of Energy (DOE) Building Technology Program Build America Team members.

The ongoing data accumulation has revealed that the S.E.E.D. Home’s design and construction principles have proved successful in its application.